A network of experts in reproductive and children’s environmental health

PEHSU Webinar Speaker Guidelines 

Thank you for agreeing to speak at an upcoming PEHSU Webinar. The following should provide you helpful details as you plan your presentation.
General Information
  • Your presentation title, objectives, a speaker bio, a CDC Bio/Disclosure Form, and picture are due 5 weeks prior to your presentation for initial CE application.
  • Presentations should be created in Powerpoint on the PEHSU template (provided below).
  • Please avoid video or animation in your slides. If it is necessary for you to use video or animation, we can create a workable solution.
  • All licensed or copyrighted images must include an appropriate citation or reference to its ownership. (Click here for copyright request letter template)
  • Your presentation should be about 45 minutes allowing for questions and discussion.
  • You are encouraged to create interactive questions that we will poll the audience with during the presentation. Create a slide within your presentation for each question and PEHSU-West will manage the polling process.
  • Slides are due 4 weeks prior to the presentation. Changes can be made following submission but they will need to be submitted your respective PEHSU National Program Office.
  • Webinars are broadcasted over the internet using WebEx or GoToWebinar. You will receive a link to the meeting prior to the event. Please login to the WebEx or GoToWebinar using that link 20-30 minutes prior to the start of the presentation. Initially, all attendees and speakers are muted upon entry to the meeting. The host of the meeting will unmute you and allow for meeting setup.
  • Please phone in for the webinars from a landline preferably with a headset for the best sound quality. Using speakerphone functionality often creates undesirable feedback on the line.
  • All webinars are recorded for publication on PEHSU.net at a later date.
PEHSU Grand Rounds Specifics
  • Prepare a presentation regarding current and emerging aspects of pediatric and reproductive environmental health
PEHSU National Case Conference Specifics
  • Prepare 3 unique/notable cases to present.
  • Provide a brief 1-2 sentence synopsis of each case to be disseminated prior to webinar for marketing
  • The structure of this webinar is an interactive format between the speaker, moderator, and attendees. 
  • Allow stopping points in your presentation and between cases to allow participant questions or diagnostic theories.
PEHSU National Journal Club Specifics
  • Prepare 3 articles to discuss and a PowerPoint presentation to guide the discussion.
  • Email PDF versions of the articles to your PEHSU National Program Office no later than 3 weeks prior to the event.
  • Presenter should take about 5 minutes to lead participants through the paper, but most of their time will be spent on impressions and discussion (see detailed guidelines in the Journal Club Timeline document below).
  • Leadership from the region presenting the articles will provide additional comments, followed by an open forum discussion with all other participants.
  • In order to maximize interaction and to share different perspectives, the PIs will be encouraged to call on specific individuals for comments.