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Q: What is a PEHSU?

posted on Aug 30, 2015

A: A PEHSU is a Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit, which is a group of environmental health specialists who provide medical information and advice on environmental conditions that influence reproductive and children’s health.

PEHSUs are academically based, typically at university medical centers, and are located across the United States, Canada and Mexico. These PEHSUs form a network that is capable of responding to requests for information throughout North America and offering advice on prevention, diagnosis, management, and treatment of environmentally-related health effects in children. PEHSUs welcome questions from health care providers, families, and the general public.

PEHSUs work with health care professionals, parents, school and community groups, and others to provide information on protecting pregnant women, children, and adolescents from environmental hazards. They also work with Federal, State, and local agencies to address environmental health issues in homes, schools, and communities.