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Q: What kind of help can I get at a PEHSU?

posted on Aug 30, 2015

A: The basic services of the PEHSU network are:

Community Education and Outreach

  • Raising awareness about environmental conditions that may harm children
  • Guidance on preventing or reducing harmful environmental exposures in everyday situations
  • Providing practical advice on helping children cope and recover during and after floods, wildfires, chemical spills and other crises

Training Health Professionals

  • Conducting seminars and conferences
  • Publishing peer-reviewed articles that raise environmental health literacy
  • Translating health care research into medical practice
  • Providing on-line educational programs and case studies on environmental health issues

Consultation and Referral

  • Evaluating suspected toxic exposures
  • Identifying and interpreting appropriate diagnostic tests
  • Medical management
  • Referral to specialty care