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PEHSU Fact Sheet: Safer Disinfectant Use During the COVID-19 Pandemic > Key Points

Key Points

posted on Jun 3, 2021

As with any disinfectant, it is also important to ensure that you follow package instructions, that it remains glistening wet on the surface for the recommended contact time, that the disinfectant has an EPA registration number, is stored safely according to label instructions and is not expired. Bleach has a relatively short shelf-life (less than one year). Do not combine disinfectants. It is especially dangerous to combine bleach and ammonia. For more information on safer bleach use, see this resource from Michigan State University

Clean routinely; disinfect only when needed. Disinfection should be targeted at high-risk surfaces, using the safest disinfection products available to you.

Disinfecting surfaces alone won’t stop transmission! Remember to also follow CDC guidance regarding social distancing and hand-washing.