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PEHSU Fact Sheet: Safer Disinfectant Use During the COVID-19 Pandemic > How should I remove dirt and germs?

How should I remove dirt and germs?

posted on Jun 3, 2021

Clean surfaces in your house with an all-purpose cleaner or soap, and a rag, towel or cloth. If available, the best type of cloth to use is microfiber. Wash microfiber after every use in the sink or washing machine. If you fold the microfiber in half and then half again, you will have 8 disinfecting surfaces to use before you need a new one. Wash separately from other cloth types, without fabric softeners. Many germs are removed if you clean and scrub vigorously, which can avoid the need for disinfectants. If disinfection is needed, cleaning first allows the disinfectants to work better. Cleaning products certified by Green Seal or Safer Choice are safer for people and the environment.