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PEHSU Factsheet: Mold in the Home & Schools > How are children exposed to mold?

How are children exposed to mold?

posted on Aug 26, 2021

Children can be exposed to molds in the home and at school or preschool. At home, mold exposure is commonly found in bathrooms, but may be in the living area, meal areas or basement. In schools, bathrooms, shower rooms, gyms and science labs are environments suitable for mold growth. Mold exposure can also occur in any area where water from a leak comes in contact with paper, fabric, rugs, wallpaper glue, sheetrock, wood, and other surfaces. If disturbed, mold can release spores (usually not visible) that get inhaled. You can get mold on your skin or swallow mold if you eat spoiled food like moldy bread or sauces. Most people do not develop symptoms from such exposures. Those whose immune systems are already severely weakened may experience health problems