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PEHSU Factsheet on Protecting Children from Wildfire Smoke and Ash (2018) > Preparing for Wildfires

Preparing for Wildfires

posted on Oct 31, 2019
  • Pay attention to local air quality reports. Stay alert to smoke-related news coverage and public health advisories.
  • Look up your local Air Quality Index (AQI) on the AirNow (www.airnow.gov) web site.
  • If Enviroflash is available for your area, sign up for air quality alerts. (http://www.enviroflash.info/).
  • Create a "clean room" in your home. Choose a room with few windows and doors. Buy a portable air cleaner you can use in this room. Never use an ozone-generating air cleaner.
  • Stock up on food, medicine and child care supplies before the threat of a wildfire.
  • Remember that you may need to leave your home. Plan for it and prepare your children.