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Past Webinars > Journal Club: Environmental Uranium Exposure from Drinking Water - February 15, 2017

Journal Club: Environmental Uranium Exposure from Drinking Water - February 15, 2017

posted on Feb 16, 2017

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this activity, attendees should be able to:
  • Describe current permissible exposure limits for uranium in drinking water
  • Describe the absorption, distribution, and elimination of ingested uranium
  • Review the potential effects, if any, of ingested uranium on the renal system
  • Review the potential for development of renal or bladder malignancies after long-term exposure to uranium in drinking water
  • Describe current testing options and recommendations for patients who may have
  • been exposed to uranium in drinking water
  • Briefly discuss possible treatment options for uranium exposure
The presenter will begin by describing the study methodologies used in the journal articles to be discussed. This will be followed by a discussion of the results of the studies under consideration and implications for current clinical and public health practice. The presenter will conclude by discussing preventive steps that can be taken to decrease exposure in the journal articles.

Articles discussed:

1. Kurttio, P., Harmoinen, A., Saha, H., Salonen, L., Karpas, Z., Komulainen, H., & Auvinen, A. (2006). Kidney toxicity of ingested uranium from drinking water. American journal of kidney diseases, 47(6), 972-982.

2. Kurttio, P., Salonen, L., Ilus, T., Pekkanen, J., Pukkala, E., & Auvinen, A. (2006). Well water radioactivity and risk of cancers of the urinary organs. Environmental research, 102(3), 333-338.
3. Orloff, K. G., Mistry, K., Charp, P., Metcalf, S., Marino, R., Shelly, T., Melaro, E., Donohoe, A. M., & Jones, R. L. (2004). Human exposure to uranium in groundwater. Environmental research, 94(3), 319-326.
4. Seldén, A. I., Lundholm, C., Edlund, B., Högdahl, C., Ek, B. M., Bergström, B. E., & Ohlson, C. G. (2009). Nephrotoxicity of uranium in drinking water from private drilled wells. Environmental research, 109(4), 486-494.

Presented by:

Baker_021517Keith Baker, MD
Medical Toxicology Fellow
Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center
Denver, CO
Region 8 PEHSU