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Region 3 PEHSU | Factsheet on Perfluorinated Chemicals (PFCs) for Health Professionals (2015) > Is there medical testing for PFCs?

Is there medical testing for PFCs?

posted on Mar 4, 2019

If there are concerns about PFC exposure, due to proximity to a plant that uses PFCs or due to verified knowledge that their water or environment contains potentially unhealthy levels of PFCs, a blood sample can test for the level of PFCs in the body.

  • In the S., the CPT Code for PFOA (C-­‐8, 2014) levels testing is 8254.
Currently, private U.S. clinical laboratories do not perform analyses for other PFCs beyond PFOA. However, a Canadian laboratory provides services for both PFOS and PFOA (http://www.axysanalytical.com/services/emerging_contaminants/).