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A Story of Health eBook and Continuing Education course was developed by the Western States PEHSU in collaboration with the federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, Commonweal, the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, California EPA, and the Science and Environmental Health Network. This peer-reviewed, multimedia resource was designed to harness the power of storytelling to increase environmental health literacy. Each chapter clearly explains the multiple factors that influence our health across the lifespan - the natural, built, chemical, food, economic, and social environments - and how they interact with genetics and each other.

Visit the Western States PEHSU for more information on the A Story of Health – A Multi-media eBook. Topics available include infertility/reproductive health, childhood cancer – leukemia, asthma, developmental disabilities, and cognitive decline. These five chapters available below and on the Western States PEHSU website
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A Story of Health (SOH) eBook Chapters

 New! Sofia's Story (health effects of wildfires) posted on Aug 6, 2021
 Sam's Story (cognitive decline) posted on Nov 7, 2019
 Reiko and Toshio’s Story (infertility/reproductive health) posted on Sep 11, 2019
 Stephen’s Story (childhood cancer – leukemia) posted on Sep 11, 2019
 Brett’s Story (asthma) posted on Sep 11, 2019
 Amelia’s Story (developmental disabilities) posted on Sep 11, 2019
 Free Continuing Education for Health Professionals posted on Sep 11, 2019

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