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PEHSU Factsheet on Protecting Children from Wildfire Smoke and Ash (2018) > During Wildfires

During Wildfires

posted on Oct 31, 2019
  • Continue to listen to local reports and public health warnings.
  • Keep children indoors with the doors and windows closed. Use your “clean room”. If you have an air conditioner, run it with the freshair intake closed to keep outdoor smoke from getting indoors. Use your portable air cleaner as well. Reduce health risks by avoiding strenuous activities.
  • Keep the indoor air as clean as possible. Do not smoke. Do not use gas, propane, or woodburning stoves, fireplaces, or candles. Never use ozone-generating air cleaners. Never use natural gas or gasoline-powered generators indoors. Do not use spray cans. Do not fry or broil meat. Do not vacuum. All of these can lead to poor air quality.
  • A good time to open windows to air out the house and clean away dust indoors is once air quality improves (check AirNow for updates).
  • Use common sense to guide your child's activity. If it looks or smells smoky outside, if local air quality is reported as poor, or if local officials are giving health warnings, wait until air quality improves before your family is active outdoors.