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Case Studies > Case Conference: Cases and Controversies in Region 7 - April 27, 2016

Case Conference: Cases and Controversies in Region 7 - April 27, 2016

posted on Mar 17, 2020

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this activity, attendees should be able to:
  • Understand the activity of the PEHSU as it pertains to lead poisoning surveillance in Region 7
  • Discuss controversies in management when uncommon sources are found to cause elevated lead levels in children
  • Recognize unintended consequences from acute exposures to environmental toxins such as mercury
The speaker will begin by presenting several clinical cases/case presentations. The cases to be presented will be provided in final proposal. This will be followed by a discussion of the outcome of the case with consideration and implications for current and future clinical and public health practice. The presenter will conclude by discussing preventive steps that can be taken to decrease exposure to environmental hazards and improve patient care.

Cases discussed:

  1. 2 year old with elevated blood lead level found by Pediatrician with no source in the home identified. 
  2. 19 month old with elevated blood lead level and radio opaque material on KUB
  3. 19 year old with intentional acute ingestion of elemental mercury

Presented by:

Jennifer Lowry_photoJennifer Lowry, MD, FACMT
Medical Director, Division of Clinical Pharmacology, Toxicology and Therapeutic Innovation
University of Washington
Children's Mercy Kansas City
Kansas City, MO
Region 7 PEHSU
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