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PEHSU Fact Sheet on Marijuana and the Impact on the Pediatric Population (including Perinatal and Adolescent) - Guidance for Healthcare Providers (2018) > Strategies for Prevention

Strategies for Prevention

posted on Aug 1, 2019
Prevention continues to play a vital role in pediatric poisoning and toxicology. Several states have implemented regulations to lessen the impact of legalization. Regulations include, dose restrictions, child-resistant packaging requirements, warning labels, sanctions on marketing campaigns and/or attractive labeling, and restrictions on edible products. [34-36]
Further Prevention Strategies for Parents and Caregivers:
  • Keep marijuana and marijuana-infused products out of the reach of children and/or in a separate locked container.
  • Do not store marijuana-infused products with regular non-infused food products.
  • Have conversations with your children about the differences between marijuana-infused and regular non-infused food products, similar to warning children about alcohol in the home.
  • Have conversations with other caregivers for your children: family members, babysitters, nannies about the dangers of having marijuana products accessible to children. Ask if there are marijuana products in the home and ensure they are properly stored.