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The PEHSU program hosts a regularly scheduled series of scientific webinars. The purpose of this webinar series is to provide a forum for regular discourse on scientific issues and to facilitate the development of educational material that will be made available on-demand to a wider audience and as part of our educational products offering. The following types of webinars will be offered and hosted by one of the PEHSU regions.   

CaseConferenceIcon.pngCase Conference

Three novel or interesting cases in pediatric environmental health will be presented. Case Conference is an educational endeavor and a quality improvement effort intended to improve patient care. 

JournalClubIcon.pngJournal Club

Three articles will be shared prior to the Journal Club. Reading medical literature makes for better physicians. It sharpens critical appraisal skills, and provides inspiration for further study. Journal Club will helps medical professionals learn from each other’s experiences and to see and interpret the literature through the eyes of colleagues, no matter where they are.

GrandRoundsIcon.pngGrand Rounds

This in-depth and interactive series provides a platform for learning and discussion about issues that focus on current and emerging aspects of pediatric and reproductive environmental health. The grand rounds speaker will be a PEHSU staff member, consultant or external expert who will share their knowledge and experience and highlight areas for collaboration and mutual understanding.

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Note: All webinars listed below qualify for Continuing Medical Education (CME), Continuing Nursing Education (CNE), continuing education contact hours (CECH), and continuing education units (CEU) for healthcare professionals through the Centers for Disease Control. Instructions for claiming continuing education (CE) will be provided upon completion of the webinar. Select Take Course to complete the webinar.


Upcoming Webinars

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Past Webinars

 Grand Rounds: Herbal Products and Related Toxicity – August 21, 2019 posted on Aug 22, 2019
 Grand Rounds: Public Health Detailing: A Capacity Building Tool in Disaster Recovery - July 17, 2019 posted on Aug 22, 2019
 Grand Rounds: Healthy Air, Healthy Brains: Emerging Evidence Streams and Advancing Air Pollution Policy to Protect Children's Health & Project TENDR Overview - June 12, 2019 posted on Jun 13, 2019
 AAP Lead Testing Webinar Series: Clinical Innovations in Lead Testing and Management - April 23, 2019 posted on Apr 24, 2019
 Grand Rounds: Public Health Response to Wildfire Smoke - April 17, 2019 posted on Apr 17, 2019
 Grand Rounds: Radiation Readiness - March 20, 2019 posted on Mar 21, 2019
 Case Conference: An Approach to Elemental Mercury Exposure Clusters – March 13, 2019 posted on Mar 13, 2019
 AAP Lead Testing Webinar - Understanding CDC’s Blood Lead Reference Value: Laboratory Best Practices & How to Interpret Results - February 20, 2019 posted on Feb 20, 2019
 Grand Rounds: Increased Cancer Risk to Residents Near Ethylene Oxide Facilities - January 16, 2019 posted on Jan 17, 2019
 Grand Rounds: Lead poisoning and impact on school readiness - How to overcome the toxic effects - December 19, 2018 posted on Dec 19, 2018
 AAP Lead Testing Webinar Series - It All Starts with Testing: Identifying Children with Elevated Blood Lead Levels - December 5, 2018 posted on Dec 7, 2018
 Grand Rounds: Marksmanship and Adolescent Youth Lead Exposure - November 27, 2018 posted on Nov 28, 2018
 Grand Rounds: What was Old is New Again: A Home Visit Model Using Integrated Health Navigation for Children with Asthma - October 10, 2018 posted on Oct 11, 2018
 Grand Rounds: The Role of Early Life Exposures in Late Life Neurodegenerative Disorders - August 15, 2018 posted on Aug 16, 2018
 Grand Rounds: Summer Like It Hot, Some Like It Hotter – Public Health Impact of Environmental Exposure and Extreme Heat - June 20, 2018 posted on Jun 20, 2018
 Grand Rounds: Health Impacts of Volcanic Emergencies - May 29, 2018 posted on May 30, 2018
 Grand Rounds: Integrating Environmental Health into Existing Early Intervention Public Health Services - May 23, 2018 posted on May 23, 2018
 Journal Club: Radon: Is My Family at Risk? - April 18, 2018 posted on Apr 18, 2018
 Grand Rounds: Understanding the Role of Phthalates and Phenols in Fertility, Pregnancy, and Child Health: From Research to Prevention – March 21, 2018 posted on Mar 21, 2018
 Grand Rounds: Perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS): Potential sources of exposures, potential health impacts, and guidance for clinicians - March 14, 2018 posted on Mar 15, 2018
 Grand Rounds: Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Obesity - February 21, 2018 posted on Feb 21, 2018
 Grand Rounds: Changing Health Behaviors to Avoid Environmental Exposures-January 17, 2018 posted on Jan 19, 2018
 Grand Rounds: Climate-Smart Healthcare: Protecting our Children, Protecting our Future - November 15, 2017 posted on Nov 15, 2017
 Grand Rounds: Victims of Environmental Injustice: Issues that threaten the children living in poverty where they live, learn and play - October 18, 2017 posted on Oct 18, 2017
 Grand Rounds: Disinfectant and Disinfection By-product Exposure in Early Care and Education - August 23, 2017 posted on Aug 30, 2017
 Grand Rounds: Eco-Healthy Child Care® Development, Partners, Progress - July 19, 2017 posted on Jul 27, 2017
 Grand Rounds: How to Optimize a Baby's Epigenetics in a Toxic World - May 22, 2017 posted on May 22, 2017
 Case Conference: Phosphine Reminds Us That Children are Not Little Adults - April 19, 2017 posted on Apr 20, 2017
  Grand Rounds: Mitigating the Health Impact of Wildfire Smoke - March 29, 2017 posted on Mar 30, 2017
 Journal Club: Environmental Uranium Exposure from Drinking Water - February 15, 2017 posted on Feb 16, 2017
 Grand Rounds: DC Park Prescription: A Scalable Model for Medicine & Public Health - January 18, 2017 posted on Jan 30, 2017
 Grand Rounds: Prioritizing Toxic Chemicals in Children’s Consumer Products - December 14, 2016 posted on Dec 14, 2016
 Grand Rounds - Ecology of Children's Environmental Health Disparities: November 11, 2016 posted on Nov 16, 2016
 Grand Rounds: School Environmental Health: Why it Matters and What to Look for - October 19, 2016 posted on Oct 19, 2016
 Grand Rounds: Climate Change and Reproductive Health: What Providers Should Know and Do - September 13, 2016 posted on Sep 14, 2016
 Case Conference: What's floating around out there? - August 24, 2016 posted on Aug 24, 2016
 Grand Rounds: Fukushima and Chernobyl: The Near and Long-Term Effects On Children - July 27, 2016 posted on Jul 27, 2016
 Grand Rounds: Impact of Climate Change on the Health of Women & Children: Information for the PEHSUs - July 26, 2016 posted on Jul 27, 2016
 Grand Rounds: Old Poison, New Findings: Arsenic’s effect on maternal and child health - June 29, 2016 posted on Jun 29, 2016
 Grand Rounds: Marijuana and Its Impact On Adolescent and Perinatal Populations - May 25, 2016 posted on May 25, 2016
 Grand Rounds: Insect repellants during pregnancy in the Zika era- May 10, 2016 posted on May 10, 2016
 Case Conference: Cases and Controversies in Region 7 - April 27, 2016 posted on Apr 28, 2016
 Grand Rounds: Shifting Gears: The Built Environment and its Role in Reducing Health Disparities - April 12, 2016 posted on Apr 13, 2016
 Case Conference: The Aliso Canyon Gas Leak: Public Health Roles and Responses - March 23, 2016 posted on Mar 24, 2016
 Grand Rounds: It’s a dirty planet! How to reduce your exposure to toxins. - March 8, 2016 posted on Mar 8, 2016
 Journal Club: The Public Health Response to Large Scale Water Contamination - February 24, 2016 posted on Feb 24, 2016
 Grand Rounds: New findings on air pollution and pregnancy- February 9, 2016 posted on Feb 9, 2016
 Grand Rounds: Prenatal toxicant exposure and ovarian aging and cancer - January 27, 2016 posted on Jan 28, 2016
 Grand Rounds: Who's In Charge of Children's Environmental Health in Childcare Settings & Schools - January 12, 2016 posted on Jan 12, 2016
 Case Conference: Childhood Diet and Arsenic Exposure: Interesting Clinical Cases - December 16, 2015 posted on Dec 17, 2015
 Grand Rounds: Doc, what’s the answer? Addressing parents' environmental health concerns about a community-level exposure-December 8, 2015 posted on Dec 10, 2015
 Journal Club: Hormesis - Do Little Things Matter? - November 18, 2015 posted on Nov 27, 2015
 Grand Rounds: Introduction to EPA's Toxics Release Inventory - October 20, 2015 posted on Nov 27, 2015
 Journal Club: Climate Change and Pediatric Health: What Providers Should Know and Do - October 6, 2015 posted on Oct 26, 2015
 Grand Rounds: Elemental Mercury Toxicity - September 24, 2015 posted on Sep 24, 2015
 Grand Rounds: Childhood Leukemia: A Preventable Disease? - September 16, 2015 posted on Sep 23, 2015
 Grand Rounds: Marijuana and its Impact on Pediatric Populations - August 26, 2015 posted on Sep 23, 2015
 Journal Club: Endocrine Disruptors - July 22, 2015 posted on Sep 23, 2015
 Grand Rounds: Unconventional Oil Exploration: What are the fracking risks for children? - June 24, 2015 posted on Sep 22, 2015
 Grand Rounds: Electronic Cigarettes: Miracle or Menace - May 27, 2015 posted on Sep 22, 2015



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